Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I miss her already..

My mom came up to visit the week before Thanksgiving. Austin and I didn't have school that week so it worked out perfectly. As soon as my mom sat down in my apartment, she started making a list of things to get done while she's at our place. So needless to say, we did just as much work as we did play. She helped me..

1. organize my kitchen (all the cupboards, drawers and even pantry!)
2. change the furniture around in the apartment
3. sew things I've been pushing off for months
4. cook new recipes
5. paint frames and shelves
6. decorate for Christmas
7. make a roast for Sunday dinner (was never on the list, she just gave in after Austin kept begging)

Is Austin's head touching the fan? Yes.

Aren't Moms just the greatest!? Miss you already, Mom. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Monday, October 26, 2009

So much to look forward to!




Of course the best comes last...Christmas!

I'm anticipating it all...maybe a little bit too much.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why we loved Californiaaa

1. Kayaking

I was really scared to be doing in this the ocean and not a lake at first, but it turned out to be so much fun! We got to see the sea lions really close, too.

2. Jet skiing

It is so much different jet skiing on the ocean opposed to the lake. There are no smooth/calm areas! It is so much fun because it is crazy out there on the water!

3. Playing at the beach

Yes, our sand castle looks pretty pathetic. We forgot how much time they take and we were worn out by this point.

The water felt so good. We spend most of the time boogie boarding and body surfing! We were exhausted by the end of the day!

4. Pictures

Austin's Dad took pictures of us walking around on the beach! It was so much fun. There are so many good ones that we love. Thanks Neil!

5. Spending time with this cute couple!

We had so much fun being with Austin's parents. We always had something to do. We played games just about every night! Fun memories :) Thanks you two for letter Austin and I come along! We love you both.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Snoasis,

Please don't leave Rexburg. Just pretend that winter isn't coming this year. You make us feel like it's summertime still! Please stay around all year...I REALLY don't want winter to come :(

It is already starting to get cold at night here (in the 40's)! I know, it's still September. So we're trying to soak up as much summertime as we can before it's gone! We ride our bikes to this little snow shack at least 2 times a week for snow cones! It is soo good.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Austin turned 23! Yes it was a while ago, but better late than never. I don't know why but the number 23 is making me feel old. My birthday is coming up in a few months now so it's not much longer until I hit that number too!

We celebrated Austin's birthday on about 5 different days. He really tried to get as much out of it as he could! (we are so alike :) Here are pics from some of the nights.

This was 2 days before his birthday. That big smile on his face is from that homemade chocolate cupcake he knows he about to eat!

Him opening his package from his family. He was soo happy for this one!

And he's not going to be very happy about me posting this next pic. But I think it's hilarious.

This is about a week AFTER his bday at the Cheesecake Factory. He somehow convinced them he still deserved a birthday treat.

This was also our last weekend in Overland Park, Kansas. Such a beautiful place. I miss it so much already. It really is one of the best kept secrets!

Happy birthday sweetie!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Legally Blonde (the musical)

Austin and I went to this musical last night. It was so much fun! It's just like the movie except for tons of music and dancing. Austin actually took a night off of work to go with me! That never happens. I was so surprised we went to this one though. It's SO girly and I'm pretty sure he was bored.

It started pouring rain during intermission! (it was an outdoor theater) Guess everybody here is used to the rain because it seemed like we were the only ones surprised that the play kept going!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Las Vegas

Austin and I flew into Las Vegas for a family reunion. No one could pick us up for over 6 we decided to hangout on the strip for a while. I don't totally love this place, but we had to make the most of it since we had nothing else to do!  But it turned out to be really fun!

This is me so excited that Austin could actually come with me to the reunion!  Up until a few days before, I thought I was going alone!
After getting off the plane....haha we look awful.  It was a long plane ride, and we were going off of 2 hours of sleep!
Austin's idea to hug the M&M as hard as we could.

Trying to get cooled off!  It was so sunny and hot.

The little barbeque that could

This is our little BBQ.  It is so tiny!  We have to put it ontop of an end table so we don't have to sit down to use it.  We call it the little bbq that could.  We bought some shrimp form an outdoor market (love those). It was so fun and yummy!!  This is also the view from our balcony.  I love how green it is here! 
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Starting a blog for reals...

So I tried doing this a while back, but this time is for reals!  I'm excited to start a blog.  I think it will make me take more pictures.  Austin and I never remember to bring our camera anywhere, so I always thought our blog would be so boring!

We moved out to Kansas City a little over a month ago. We never thought we would be doing the summer sales thing, but somehow we ended up out here.  Everything has been going really well so far.  It's so fun to pick up and move somewhere new.  Austin and I are getting pretty use to doing that.  This is our third move in the last year!  But it's so beautiful here!  It's actually green. That is a picture of where we live.  We love our apartment!  It's the nicest one we've far!  So we're excited for the rest of our summer out here.   

Thursday, March 12, 2009