Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Starting a blog for reals...

So I tried doing this a while back, but this time is for reals!  I'm excited to start a blog.  I think it will make me take more pictures.  Austin and I never remember to bring our camera anywhere, so I always thought our blog would be so boring!

We moved out to Kansas City a little over a month ago. We never thought we would be doing the summer sales thing, but somehow we ended up out here.  Everything has been going really well so far.  It's so fun to pick up and move somewhere new.  Austin and I are getting pretty use to doing that.  This is our third move in the last year!  But it's so beautiful here!  It's actually green. That is a picture of where we live.  We love our apartment!  It's the nicest one we've far!  So we're excited for the rest of our summer out here.