Saturday, July 4, 2009

Las Vegas

Austin and I flew into Las Vegas for a family reunion. No one could pick us up for over 6 we decided to hangout on the strip for a while. I don't totally love this place, but we had to make the most of it since we had nothing else to do!  But it turned out to be really fun!

This is me so excited that Austin could actually come with me to the reunion!  Up until a few days before, I thought I was going alone!
After getting off the plane....haha we look awful.  It was a long plane ride, and we were going off of 2 hours of sleep!
Austin's idea to hug the M&M as hard as we could.

Trying to get cooled off!  It was so sunny and hot.

The little barbeque that could

This is our little BBQ.  It is so tiny!  We have to put it ontop of an end table so we don't have to sit down to use it.  We call it the little bbq that could.  We bought some shrimp form an outdoor market (love those). It was so fun and yummy!!  This is also the view from our balcony.  I love how green it is here! 
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